Private Tours of Florence

Experience Florence through the eyes of a local, licensed and certified guide and get up close and personal with this wonderful city. Our private tours of Florence are fun for all ages and interests whether you’re a culture hound, a history buff, a diehard shopper or urban adventurer. Florence truly has something for everyone. Tired of crowded bus tours with a fixed itinerary and a robotic guide? Get in touch with us and choose one of our flexible private guided tours of Florence.


Licensed Tour Guide of Florence

Our custom tours of Florence show you places tour buses can never reach. Whether you want to visit one of Florence’s great museums or want to walk through the city, this will be your private and personalised tour to suit your tempo and interests. You will be driven at your own pace and stopping for as little or as long as you wish. Our ethos is no rush, no fuss and no bus! We really want you to have the ultimate Florence experience. Come and visit.

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