The David and Accademia Tour

testo Duration: from 2/up to 4 hrs
testo Meeting Place: Hotel

Home to Michelangelo’s David, the Accademia Gallery is one of the most visited museums in Florence. In addition to the David, highlights include famous Renaissance paintings, medieval altarpieces, other statues by Michelangelo, musical instruments and plaster cast models.


Despite its David-centric reputation, the Accademia Gallery offers visitors much more, satisfying any curiosity for painting, art symbols, sculpture and music. What better way to visit the Accademia and learn more about its treasures than with a private tour guide by your side? Let us show you the museum. Our Accademia tour is private and customized. Your guide will reveal the stories behind the making of the magnificent David, why Michelangelo made it and what happened to the statue over the centuries. We will get small as we approach the colossal statue and…Michelangelo’s oversized ego.


Our Accademia tour will satisfy your curiosity and fascinate you. You will retrace the fundamental steps of Michelangelo’s style and hear about the cultural history of the period, the life of Michelangelo and the many anecdotes behind the making of the David no guide book will tell you. In addition to that, you will learn how to identify a medieval and a Renaissance painting, how Italy played a vital role in the development of baroque music and how a plaster cast is made. We will discover all this together. You can also incorporate this guided tour of the Accademia Gallery into our “Welcome Tour”: a Florence walking tour so flexible you can add a museum visit to it. Our Accademia tour is private and original.