Michelangelo Tour

testo Duration: from 3/up to 6 hrs
testo Meeting Place: Hotel

A very flexible and informative tour to discover all the works of art by Michelangelo here in Florence. This Michelangelo tour has been designed both to visit Florence city center and incorporate one or more museums on one day.


This Michelangelo Tour is a private walking tour following in the footsteps of one of the greatest artists of all times. This Michelangelo Tour aims at discovering all the works by Michelangelo in Florence. Not only will it inform you about the great sculptor’s biography but it will also allow you to discover Florence’s city center and its most famous places. This Michelangelo Tour will be a real treasure hunt to find all the works by Michelangelo in Florence. As all our tours, this Michelangelo Tour is very flexible and suited for everybody.

We designed it after putting ourselves in Florence visitors’ shoes. It has been conceived both for the culture buff and the curious, the history expert and the family with kids. It is suited to everybody. It is a right combination between a relaxing and engaging walking tour and an informative guided tour.

Our Michelangelo Tour can easily incorporate one or more of the museums hosting Michelangelo’s artworks. Find out where to find Michelangelo in Florence.